5 Reasons Why You Should Cater Your Next Event With BBQ From a Local Restaurant

Trying to decide what type of food to serve at your next event? Why not go with something different and cater your event with BBQ from a local restaurant? Here are five reasons why you should consider catering with Smoke Shack BBQ for your next Long Island event!  

1. BBQ Is A Great Way To Please A Crowd 

There’s something for everyone! When you cater your event with BBQ, you have the option of serving chicken, ribs, pulled pork, sausage, and more. And if you have vegetarians or vegans attending your event, most BBQ restaurants offer sides like baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad, and green beans that everyone can enjoy.  

2. It’s Affordable, Especially When You Order From A Local Restaurant

BBQ is a great option if you’re on a budget because it’s relatively inexpensive, especially when you order from a local restaurant. When you compare the cost of catering an event with BBQ to the cost of catering an event with sushi or steak, you’ll be pleasantly surprised!   

3. BBQ Is Perfect For Casual And Formal Events. 

Simply put, whether you’re hosting a baby shower or a corporate retreat, BBQ is always a hit!    

4. A Lot Of People Love BBQ, So You’re Sure To Please Your Guests 

There’s something about the smell of barbecue that just makes people happy! When you cater your next event with BBQ, you can be sure that your guests will be satisfied – and they’ll be talking about the food long after the event.    

5. You’ll Be Able to Support A Local Business

When you order catering from a local restaurant, you’re supporting your community! You’re also getting fresher food than if you order catering from a national chain – and who doesn’t love fresh food?     

Now that you know all the reasons why catering your next event with BBQ is a great idea, what are you waiting for? Contact your favorite local BBQ spot today and get the ball rolling! Trust us – your guests will thank you!

Cater Your Next Event With Smoke Shack BBQ, NY!

Our team is committed to making events of all sizes memorable and delicious! At Smoke Shack BBQ, we have an ample selection of delectable BBQ items, sides, desserts and more to delight all your guests! 

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